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Here are FOUR kinds of contents that are best for Search Engine Optimization. Without further ado, let’s get into discussing content mediums!

Evergreen Short-Form Content
Short-form content is popular from previous few years and has been good for SEO keyword tools in a variety of ways. All these are notably in the ballpark of 500 words. Whenever you’re utilizing short- form you do not have to include a great deal of advice, just keep it short with knowledge that is highly specific.
The secret behind this content medium is the use of links. Since 500 words are not enough to comprise long tail key words, you can link-building by linking to high-end sources.

Long-Form Content
Long-form content is the polar opposite of short-form content. Over Search Engine Optimization, long-form posts are ardently ruling in this world. Basically, these kinds of articles range 1500 words which are quite enough to add lots of long-tail helpful tips and keywords. When you add long-tail key words in your content, you get high search engine positions which are helpful for your business web site.
Legendary Guides
Want to learn what legendary guides are? In simplified language, heroic guides are long-form posts on steroids. They occur to lie in a range of 3,000 words and occasionally they can even reach till 10,000 words. Yes, they are hard to write but on the other hand, they are really useful for SEO.
If we talk rationally, more word count equals to more inclusion of long-tail short and -tail key words that equal to reaching the topmost level of rankings of the search engine. But one thing to remember is really to make use of high quality content while using legendary guides as a user should feel interested to read this type of tremendous article.

From the past few years, listicles have been known to hike SEO positions by proffering high-quality content. For Buzzfeed, listicles are the bread as well as the butter in the world today as they are exceptionally shareable. They’re arranged in this manner which you can share heart important info in an easy and effectual way. Want to boost your Search Engine Optimization, make use of listicles as they come with a power of social sharing.
Content is like the core of a site. Without good quality, readable content, a web site is nothing. In the event that you are not confident enough, you can hire a professional Search Engine Optimization firm which can assist you in including a content medium to your site to get higher search engine optimization ranks.